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The End is just a New Beginning.


Created by Julaina via Canva and Source

When I started this module, I thought to myself “this module is easy…I just need to Blog”. But boy was I wrong! Blogging is hardwork and it takes some serious commitment. Researching, curating content, thinking about creative ways to deliver my message and editing are some of the key factors that comes into play to produce a post. But it is not only that, this module allows me to continuously broaden my personal learning network and engage with others which has helped increase my Digital confidence.

Improving my Online Expertise

I do believe that I have improved considerably throughout this module as I was able to create, connect and redistribute content online. Here is my new self-test scores:


Created by Julaina via Piktochart


I am particularly proud of myself on participating in online communities. I do admit that I am not the kind who would participate in online communities but MANG2049 allowed me to improve the way I connect and disseminate information appropriately. Although I have mostly used Piktochart for most of my creative visuals, this module introduced me to Powtoon, Haiku Deck and Canva which I have tried incorporating in this post.

Developing my Digital Profile

The topics covered has helped me understand the importance of utilising Social Networking Sites well. MANG2049 has allowed me to use these platforms effectively for both my personal and professional networks. The Powtoon below will explain how MANG2049 has impacted my Digital Profile:

Something I found out about myself is that I had no clue on building a Digital Profile. However, after MANG2049, I am able to see vast amount of opportunities the Web provides and how I should utilise it well. The opportunities includes engaging, collaborating with people, standing out among the crowd by Blogging and connecting with others through LinkedIn. LinkedIn in particular has made me realise the power of connection and how it is the current recruitment platform used by most. It enables me to find my future job or get head hunted by future employers.

The Future and Final Thoughts

The knowledge, skills and digital profiles I have developed throughout this module has been beneficial for me and I believe it will greatly impact my remaining modules and future career.

Key learning points:

-How to be a conscientious digital user and manage my online identities well

-Effectively engage in debate with my peers and use this experience to improve on my argument

-Effectively create, organise and edit a blogpost using other tools to deliver the message

-How to organise my thoughts and back claims made with evidence

-Effectively learn how build an authentic Professional Profile


MANG2049 has been one of the most unique modules I have ever attended. I can access ‘hangouts’ anywhere (Wifi needed!) and everything is done at my own pace. The lessons and especially skills acquired will definitely help me in my future aspects of life. Organisation, information-seeking and digital presence are my strong key points which I hope to apply in my future projects.

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My Digital Profiles:

LinkedIn: Julaina Dahlan 

Twitter: @onigiriseries 

About.me: Julaina Dahlan 

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Engagement: Comment on Article via LinkedIn


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