#MANG2049 · Topic 5

Review on Topic 5: What does Open Access mean to you?


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There are several benefits and drawbacks when content producers make materials freely available online. This can be viewed from the educational or business point of view.

For me, Teresa post was relevant as she educated me on how content producers can be linked to content marketing and how it can be advantageous to a business. My comment to her was if there is “value” seen in the ‘free’ content available, is it better to switch it to paid access since there is demand for it. My point being that if user is able to use the content freely first, it will show the value of the content and if it is what the user wants she can sign up for the Premium Membership. Company like Skillshare adopts this method.


Screenshot via Skillshare Website


Screenshot via Skillshare Website

Also, she mentioned on Blogging being a self-produced content. From what I can infer, I believe by posting content online through Social Networking Sites, we are content producers. If the content is “retweeted” or “reposted”, are we then not all part of the Open Access? (jopm.org)

Alternatively, my comment to Zin was how to differentiate the quality of Open and Paid Access. As Open Access is exposed to more audiences, the quality of it can be gauge by the amount of people citing the source. However, for Paid Access, it is only limited to those who paid for it. As evident, “Just because something is free doesn’t mean the content quality is poor. You wouldn’t question the content on free sites like CNN, Mashable & Huffington Post”(Pcma.org) Therefore, I believe quality is subjective to the goal content producers have in mind and dependent on the content provided.

This knowledge is essential for me as a learner because it shows me how Social Media can help increase exposure (Journalofdigitalhumanities) and that I should not underestimate the quality of free content found online.

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Blogs I have commented on:




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