#MANG2049 · Topic 4

Review on Topic 4: Who can we trust?

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Created by Julaina via Piktochart. Information via Teresa’s Powtoon

Ethical issues can come in many forms. After reading Teresa’s post, I learned a new term called Astroturfing. There are many other categories that falls under Astroturfing as seen above. From my post, I believe it can be categorised under “fake blogging” as the company wanted to hide important and relevant information from its consumers.

Alternatively, Gin’s post educated me on A/B Testing that is used by Facebook and other companies without users knowledge. Although it is “unethical” for Facebook to use information without users knowledge, my comment to Gin was how will behaviour change if users were to know about the testing before it was carried out. My view was that if users were to know about it, they would alter the way they use Facebook. Meaning to say users will be extra careful with their online activities, resulting in “fake” data collected as it may not be a true representation of their online behaviour. 

Having said that, Yong You’s post made me realise the importance of reading Terms and Conditions(T&Cs). As a user of a few Social Media platforms, I am still unaware of all the T&Cs I agreed upon. This further supports my comment where while it may not seem necessarily ethical to “use our information” for advertising purposes, users need to know that by agreeing to T&Cs their information can be used any time. In this case, I believe if Facebook uses our information, I do not see it as being entirely unethical as users have already agreed upon T&Cs set and Facebook has the right to use information collected.

This knowledge on A/B Testing and T&Cs is relevant for me as a learner because it shows me that our online activities can be used for or against us and that privacy is still the ultimate issue when we are online.

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