#MANG2049 · Topic 3

Review on Topic 3: Let’s Start Now

Topic 3 has got to be the most interesting one for me. It has led me into being aware of how vital one should manage their online presence and utilise it properly. Whether you are a Visitor, Resident or both, it is important to realise the consequences that comes with it. Especially now that recruiters are using Social Networking sites to hire.

As with most posts I have read, it discusses how you can stand out online. One of which is to include hobbies/interests as it provides value to the kind of person you are beyond qualifications.

Initially, my comment for Jef was to question why he feels being a “Chess Club member is irrelevant” when I believe it gives a distinction between you and someone without any interest. Later, it was viewed to him as having relevant information is to mention about how you can use your interest as a way of promoting the Leadership skills you have by mentioning that you were President of Chess Club member instead.


Created by Julaina via Piktochart

Despite varying situations, it does still provide you with an advantage when mentioned about. Better yet, “try to match the activity to the company’s work culture.” (Natalie Severt)

Alternatively, Zin post made me realise how hard it is to stand out when you have to “hide” some things from your employers. It makes me question how restricted we are in portraying ourselves on the Web because we are being watched. This can, however, change when you have multiple identities so that you can still post personal things about yourself via being anonymous yet be able to “sell” yourself to recruiters. This knowledge has been useful to me as I previously thought having multiple identities was a bad thing.

As a next step, I need to start developing on my own Digital Professional Profile.

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(Natalie Severt) Available on: http://www.collegeaftermath.com/jobs-careers-after-college/hobbies-boost-resume/ (Accessed on 10 November 2016)


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