#MANG2049 · Topic 3

Topic 3: Let’s Start Now

We are in the day and age where connecting and communicating with one another is as simple as a click of the “share”, “tweet” or “post” button. Everything and anything you put online can be viewed by anyone who has access to the Internet, enabling them to gain some information on the type of person you are. This includes recruiters searching for potential candidates to fill in the position.

Previously, my parents had to go through the long traditional way of getting a job via Newspaper ads. Now however, Social Networking sites are “integral part of recruiting”(Jobvite,2015)


Source via Jobvite (2014), Page 7


Source via Jobvite (2015)

As LinkedIn is in the lead, this could be the starting point to put yourself out there and highlight what you are good at, your past job experiences and certain skills you have obtained over the years in a professional manner.

But is having one platform enough in portraying your unique self to potential employers? I believe not as it does not provide recruiters on secondary information such as your critical thinking skills, personal qualities and technology skills. (AARP Foundation)

This can, however, be further developed by linking up your other Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Blog as a way for recruiters to gain more knowledge and information on the type of person you are based on the people you follow, the people you are connected with and others far beyond your qualifications. This is so as “60 percent of employers revealed they use social networking sites to research job candidates” (Amy McDonnell, 2016)

Additionally, to stand out even more why not Blog?

Blogging refers to a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites (Dictionary.com). This potentially demonstrates passion, dedication, creativity and keeps you in the loop on what is going on (Admin,2014). Just like what I am doing now!

However, there is always a catch to this. This video (1:35 onwards) shows what could potentially be the downside of linking up all your Social Media platforms which I feel can affect the image recruiters or employers have about you.

CBTV12: Social media’s impact on jobs via YouTube

Candidates hence need to be aware of how they are being “searched” online.


Source via Jobvite (2015)

Personally, I believe as we all moving towards the digital era, it is thus important for us to be on track and start networking. Maybe we can all start by creating a LinkedIn profile?


420 words


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4 thoughts on “Topic 3: Let’s Start Now

  1. Hi Juls, great article! I agree that with a click of a button, we can get things done easily and conveniently. You mentioned that people in the past, before the internet and social media was born, would have to do things the traditional way when getting a job. They would have to print out resumes and CVs and to apply for the job via printed media and wait for the company to call back for an interview. Nowadays, the company does not necessarily require for you to attend the interview to assess your character, or even your qualifications, as everything is now available online. However, because of this easy access to your personal information, it too can potentially ruin a person’s professional reputation easily, if the person is not mindful of what he or she posts online. It would be wise for people to take note of the Do’s and Don’ts that you have provided above. Therefore, after knowing all of the pros and cons that social media brings, would you consider yourself blessed to be living in this digital era?



    1. Hey Valerie!

      Thank you for taking time to comment!

      Well, I believe we are blessed living in this digital era as we are able to get things done within seconds and without much effort needed such as ordering food, shop, communicate with someone who is overseas and in this case, find a job or apply for one at the comfort of your home.

      Having said so, we should never abuse this blessing we have by engaging with unnecessary things such as posting racist comments.

      Hence, I believe if we can utilise and make full use of this blessing bestowed upon us, I see no reason as it being a curse living in this digital era 🙂


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