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Review on Topic 2: Difference between Casey Neistat and I


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This quote from Teresa’s post really sums up why most of us are for the notion of having multiple online identities. It not only helps us reflect the different persona we have for the different accounts but it also reduces the risk of our online identities being stolen by hackers or having our past revealed to potential employers as mentioned by Maureen and Dawn, respectively.

For me, the most interesting aspect was how technologies play a part in the process of us creating an online identity. I found Hui Juan’s post particularly interesting as she managed to question the use of technology and how it has influenced the way we utilise it. As most people are connected through the different Social Media platforms, there is ease in snapping a quick photo of what they had for lunch or tweet what they are up to. They can simply share their well-being to almost everyone online.

Alternatively, Teresa’s post helped me understand how having multiple online identities can help bring like minded people together to share interest with one another and in turn foster new friendships. She also points out that having separate accounts for work and personal use is vital. However, Renee’s comment made me realise that there can be congruency between the two only if both parties are comfortable enough with one another. I believe a strong bond needs to be fostered before one can be able to express freely.

Having read my classmates’ posts, it made me realise that there is no problem in having multiple identities as long as users are aware of online etiquettes and be able to manage their online identities well. This means that it is circumstantial to the needs and wants of individuals.

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