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Topic 2: Difference Between Casey Neistat and I

Let’s start by Googling your name online. What interesting facts or information did you manage to find about yourself? For me, here is a screenshot of what I manage to find when I Googled: Julaina Dahlan.

Turns out there are limited and no interesting information about me, except my LinkedIn account (which I should probably update soon). Even though I do own several Social Media accounts that I use every once in a while, I do not use my real name for it and everything is set to private. Reason being, privacy is my main concern. Additionally, according to the survey conducted by CareerBuilder, “60% of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates”.

Also, it avoids information overload by having separate accounts. With a smartphone, I can freely share about what I do at any time of the day which includes updating a photo of what I had for lunch, tweet about what drama I am currently watching and many others. This enables me to share more personal matters with people I know such as my interests, current hobbies, favourite cafe spots and many others without involving my work life in it and vice versa.

Hence for me, as I value privacy more, by having multiple online identities it helps me separate between my work and personal life.

Unlike me, when I Googled: Casey Neistat, about 2.1 million results is seen. He establishes and maintains his profile by having one online identity where all his Social Media accounts are under the same name “Casey Neistat”. Privacy is not an issue for him since his “job” is to let people in on what he does on a daily basis. As a Social Influencer with close to 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 5.6 million subscribers on YouTube, everyone is updated with the latest news of his well-being. It is hence vital for him to have consistency and uniformity across all platforms.


Source: Screenshot of Casey Neistat’s Instagram


Source: Screenshot of Casey Neistat’s YouTube

Personally, I am for the notion of having multiple online identities as it helps me distinguish between my personal and work life….unless both your personal and work life intertwines with one another – like Casey’s.

Ultimately, I believe having multiple online identities is circumstantial to the needs and wants of individuals, how much they value privacy and are willing to put their identity out there for people to find.

How about you, are you like me or Casey?

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6 thoughts on “Topic 2: Difference Between Casey Neistat and I

  1. Hi Julia!

    I hope you enjoyed your movie while I was working hard analyzing your insights! 😀

    I agree with how you create multiple online identities to separate your work and personal life because that is what I personally do too. Perhaps the danger for us is to understand how our information can be searched as personally, I am still not fully aware of how to properly clean up my digital footprints when necessary. Are you?

    It was interesting how you brought up that the choice of developing multiple online identities is really dependent on your presence on the web. While people like us who do not earn our livelihood through the Internet can have the liberty to create multiple accounts, Youtubers and social influencers have to carry a consistent online identity for that is how they build their brand and stay recognizable.

    Looking forward to hear more from you!!

    (150 words)


    1. Hey TJones!

      Thank you for taking time to read and comment, I really appreciate it! 😉

      Well, I believe we all do have moments where we do not think carefully before posting and sometimes we might regret doing so in the later part of our life. Hence, I believe we have the power to manage how we would like to portray ourselves on the Web and be aware of online etiquettes. Then again, we cannot stop anyone from tagging us photos we are embarrassed about since it is beyond our control.

      Therefore, I would suggest that we should be in our best behaviour and be surrounded by people who will not expose you freely on the Web. Then again, everyone evolve overtime and forgiving someone for their “bad” past would be encouraging. Would you not want to be a given a second chance to start over?


  2. Hi Juls,

    Interesting read! I like how you use a celebrity to show the strong contrast between having a single identity compared to multiple identities online.

    I am definitely like you  I prefer to have my personal life separated from work life. It wouldn’t be nice reading on work matters on a Sunday morning. How much better it would be to enjoy some tea while reading some magazines instead!

    I agree that it avoids information overload with separate accounts. Adding on to what you mentioned, different accounts sometimes cater to different base of audience as well. This leads to the necessity of having several identities online.

    You mentioned a couple of advantages of multiple identities, how about on the flip side? Do you think that Casey Neistat face any issues because of just having a single identity? After all, celebrities are just like us, they wish to have their own privacy as well.


    1. Hi Angeline,

      Thank you for taking time to read and comment, really appreciate it! 🙂

      YES to separate accounts for different purposes and audiences.

      Well, I believe the downside in having only one online identity be it for a celebrity or any ordinary person like us would be the risk of having that identity copied. This means someone out there can actually make “fake accounts” and disguise themselves as “you”. This means people who are unaware of Casey may start following the fake account. Although it is beyond our control to stop these group of people, I believe with the ‘report’ button made available, it is our duty to help those who are affected.

      Hence, we should all be wary of them and have good online etiquette so that everyone is able to freely enjoy the benefits that has been bestowed upon us : The internet.


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