#MANG2049 · Topic 1

Review on Topic 1: A Moving Continuum

Upon completion of my blogpost and reading through posts from others on digital ‘Visitors’ and ‘Residents’, pressure do also have its effects on both.

My afterthoughts on Angeline’s post made me realise that often times, many get carried away creating their virtual image that they may loose their ability to communicate with others in real life. Hence, it can also pressurise them to constantly keep up with what the society wants which could lead them into “faking” their real identity. This is so as if they were to show their real self on the internet, the image people have of them previously can change instantly. Meaning to say, if they do not conform to what the society likes, they are then vulnerable into receiving hurtful comments which may make them want to change into someone they are not (faking it for society).

This is why campaign such as Safer Internet Day 2015 is vital in reminding ‘Residents’ that “A better internet is our choice really.” That no one should be pressurised to change just because of what others say and that encouraging comments are the way to go.

Video taken from MLC Singapore: Safer Internet Day 2015- Let’s create a better internet together via YouTube

In contrast, Valerie brought up a point where “peer pressure turned me from a digital ‘Visitor’ to a ‘Resident’” meaning to say she owns a few Social Media platforms in order to be constantly updated with happenings around her. This shows that as the digital world becomes more popular, many do find a need to involve their life on the internet. This means to post on their trip to Korea, adopting a new cat or simply anything that involves updating others about their well-being. 

All in all, I believe everyone is in a moving continuum between being more of a digital ‘Visitor’ at one time, a ‘Resident’ at other times or sometimes being both depending on what their intention and motivation is at that moment, and also the type of pressure they are in.


Read my comments by clicking on the links below:

Angeline: https://angelinelkx.wordpress.com/2016/11/03/what-does-your-online-behavior-says-about-you/

Valerie: https://vxyt1e16.wordpress.com/2016/11/03/topic-1-digital-visitors-residents/


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