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Topic 1: A Moving Continuum

While you are reading this, I am pretty sure you have other tabs opened such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or you are probably watching one of your online shows (has anyone watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead yet?!!)

I find it so fascinating as to how much information there is available on the internet. So much so that you will be able to “get to know” someone just by stalking their profile and various social media platforms. These people who has a digital identity are known as Residents while those who “visits” them to get information or be updated with latest happenings are known as Visitors (aka Me).

I for one love reading and stalking this blogger from New York named Naomi Davis. She blogs, has an InstagramYouTube and Snapchat account that is updated almost everyday (except YouTube) which is how I get to know what she is doing or what she has been up to lately. This is why she is labelled as the Resident and I, the Visitor. The contrast between us would be that she upkeeps her daily life online making her an influencer while I, use my Instagram profile to follow and update myself with her life, am just gaining information.


Source: Screenshot of Taza Instagram

Moreover, I believe Residents have the power to influence Visitors. This is so as they are not only updating their life online but they also do promote items they are sponsored with. For example, Naomi gets sponsored a Volvo Car for her family road trip to Boston. All she does was thanking Volvo for making her trip a good one and this actually helps indirectly promote the brand. This form of marketing is also known as Influencer Marketing and significant increase in this trend can be seen here.

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 10.27.12 PM.png

Source: Screenshot of Taza Instagram

All in all, I believe social media has taken over our lives, if not most parts of it. Board the bus, train or just walk to your nearest bus stand and you will see everyone facing down, looking intently on their phones – watching videos or scrolling through posts. Now, you do not even need to wonder how your friend is doing. Just by a click of a button you will be able to “know” how they are doing even though you are both not physically there talking. Being updated or updating your current being is what everyone does on a daily basis now. I for one would love to remain as a Visitor.


Words: 409


White, D. S., & Cornu, A. L. (2011). Visitors and Residents: A new typology for online engagement.

Naomi Davis Blog: http://lovetaza.com/

Naomi Davis Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taza/?hl=en

Naomi Davis YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lovetazablog




11 thoughts on “Topic 1: A Moving Continuum

  1. Hi Juls! I love how you explained the concepts through your personal point of view by sharing your experience on following Naomi Davis through her daily life. I definitely agree with you when you mentioned that “Residents” have the ability to influence “Visitors” through the use of Internet and advanced technology. In this era, technology has improved the ways of life where users are not only able to communicate with one another, but also change the form of Marketing! Switching from traditional marketing to online marketing, businesses are surely able to reach out to a larger target audience, like you and me, all by checking out cool influencers, like Naomi Davis! (; Indeed, it’s true that social media have taken over a large part of our lives with many people’s faces down on their phones rather than up front, but it’s important to not forget that life is still taking place outside the mobile screen. (:

    P.S. Yes, I’ve caught up on the latest episode of The Walking Dead! 😛

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    1. Hello Dawn!

      Thank you for your comment! 😉

      Yes, I agree with you that life is still taking place outside the mobile screens or rather the digital world. It is so worrying sometimes to see kids playing games silently rather than running about catching one another. Like you mentioned in your blog post, that kids aged 5 years old are already armed with iPads and whatnots rather than eating sand like you! Haha! I believe parents have to monitor on their children’s well-being as to how much they should expose their children with technology and the Internet.

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  2. Howdy, Juls! Nice usage of real-life example and incorporating it to explain Resident/Visitor dynamic!

    You raised a very interesting point: that Residents can influence Visitors positively. Turning it around, do you think Visitors can have positive or bad influence on Residents? Using a more personal example (no social media celebrity!), what comes to my mind in how Visitors can influence is that a Visitor (named A) might be be judgemental towards a Resident (named B), asking them questions such as: “Don’t you have anything better to do?”

    B might feel conscious on the fact they spend long time in Internet, and they might compare themselves to the objective-focused and efficient A, hence affecting their future decision in managing their times in Internet. What do you think of this?

    PS: I stop watching Walking Dead the moment Glenn died in the recent episode…. 😦

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    1. Hello Ade!

      Thank you for your comment!

      Well, I feel Visitors can have both Positive and Negative impact rather than influence on Residents. It can be a positive impact when the Visitor is able to gain useful insights from Residents through their Social Media platforms such as a new cafe to eat at, new movie to watch or simply put they are able to gain useful reviews. This means although they do not leave any social footprint on the Web, they take their conversation offline. Meaning to say they would let their family members or friends know about the new cafe spot in town or a good movie to watch. Hence, this will help impact positively on the Resident. Oh! and also, it might help Residents gain more followers and popularity when things spread through word of mouth 😉

      In contrast, Visitors can also impact negatively on Residents as when an influencer is down with for example a scandal they might be the talk of the town. Gossips may arise and it can impact Residents quite badly as although Visitors do not comment online about their thoughts/opinions, they are very well aware of what is happening and may take their conversation yet again offline. Word of mouth does its job of spreading like wildfire. Before you know it, even your grandparents will know about the latest news.

      Therefore, I believe both Residents and Visitors do affect one another both negatively and positively which is why we should all work towards being kind to one another whether or not you are a Visitor, Resident or both!

      For your second question, I feel that every individual have their own limit as to when they should use the Internet. As the digital world is the current trend now, it is only right that many spend most, if not all, of their time surfing the Net. Personally, I feel that it is only right to manage your time wisely and making sure you do spend time off the internet to socialise as it is important to still have “real life” conversation with people. Hence, building an identity online may either make or break someone. I believe it is up to them to divide their time wisely and know as and when they should surf the Net. In this case, Resident (named B) could use surf the Net when he is alone so that he is able to spend time and give his/her fullest attention to Visitor (named A).

      I hope this answers your question!

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  3. Hello Juls! My only ‘VIP’ friend in class 🙂
    Just like you, I am amazed by the fact that how everything become so accessible with the Internet (which to be honest is a little scary at times). Furthermore, your point on residents having an influence on visitors makes a lot of sense! It affects us as marketers to make use of “influential residents” to market a brand/product, such as Influencer Marketing as you mentioned. On top of that, I think we can make our online platforms more interactive for residents to form a connection with them, and probably convert them into potential customers. We can also make navigability of our platforms more accessible and clearer for visitors who only go online for a specific purpose as I believe they do not stay online for a long time.

    Do you think there are any other implications on us as marketers? I would love to hear from you as well! 🙂

    Side note: There is a vlogger that I follow as well! Her name is Jenn Im, she posts about her everyday life and I like how authentic she is. You can find her details below just in case you may be interested as well! 🙂
    Instagram ID: @imjennim
    Youtube Channel: youtube.com/clothesencounters

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  4. Hey, hello! Thank you for your thoughts on the topic. I really like the idea of how a Resident can influence a Visitor positively. I’d like to know what are your thoughts on a Resident influencing a Visitor to upgrade their status to a Resident, not just influencing the business market.

    Whenever I see posts of internet celebrities in Instagram(like the one you shared above), I would be a little bit swayed to thinking that I want to try becoming one too. However, at the end of the day, I would never try to become one. Are the influences not strong enough or are my personalities too hard-headed to try and change my Visitor lifestyle. What do you think of my experience?

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