Introduction: Self-Test

The internet world is growing fast and everything can be found just by a click of a button. But am I using all the information at hand wisely?

For today’s lesson, I was told to rate (where 1: no experience, and 5: very experienced) myself on the level of digital literacy and here are my result:


Based on the results, I believe I am not as experienced as I thought I would be. I thought that I was relatively well verse with the ‘digital world’ as I am able to assess and read anything I need online via Google and other available platforms.

However, based on Paul Gilster, “Digital literacy is the ability to understand information and -more important – to evaluate and integrate information in multiple formats that the computer can deliver. Being able to evaluate and interpret information is critical. You can’t understand information you find on the internet without evaluating its sources and placing it in context.”

I am not aware that digital literacy goes beyond just reading and consuming information online.

Hopefully as we unwrap this module, I will be given a chance to explore and improve on my scores!


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